prosperity movement productions presents...

A festival that pays tribute to the artistic beauty and wisdom of the Orisa manifested through art in the Urban World community. Artists from around the world unite to display their creative journeys through music, film, words and art.


Gale madyun

The Artist known as Gale Madyun is the creator of the Protection Shields, the theme of this years festival. Sign up for one of Gale's 3 workshops and create your own Protection Shield! Email

Sunni patterson

"For some the sky is the limit...For others, there are no limits." A visionary poet, singer, activist, a voice for those who struggle daily, she walks with the ancestors and delivers their profound messages.  

ogunlano music

Ogunlano, a Nigerian-American musical duo consisting of husband & wife, master percussionist Odun Ogunlano & vocalist London Ogunlano. They sing in English & Yoruba - the traditional tonal language of the Nigerian people.