prosperity movement productions presents...

A festival that pays tribute to the artistic beauty and wisdom of the Orisa manifested through art in the Urban World community. Artists from around the world unite to display their creative journeys through music, film, words and art.

Bobi Cespedes

A Yoruba ordained priestess, Bobi Cespedes brings a beautifully blended sound of the Ifa faith and Afro-Cubanism to her music for all the world to hear. Traveling with a five piece band, she rules the stage with grace and blessings from the most high.                                       

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zion trinity

Zion Trinity captivates the masses with powerful harmonic sounds and original music to feed the soul. Their music resonates and moves through the body like Spirit, Water and Blood. Zion Trinity blesses the listener with Reggae, Jazz, Funk and African Ritual music. 

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Passion, Spirit and Pain directly influence the melodic tunes of urban world music artist, WolfHawkJaguar. His music stirs the soul with a mixture of Spirituality raptured in the heart of Hip Hop, Reggae, and Rhythm & Blues. 

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